Iyke Organic Matte Liquid Lipsticks have very good reviews from customers who have tried them out. These organic lipsticks will hydrate, nourish your lips and does not compromise on colour and performance.

Heart & Soul Unbox are the owners of the Iyke trademark. Their Iyke Beauty Collection comprises of Liquid Lipstick Matte, Lip gloss, Concealer, Eye and Lip Liner. They have just added Iyke Eyelashes, Iyke (100%) Pure and Natural Castor oil to their collection.  If you are drawn to simple, natural beauty products and want to stand out without breaking the bank, then Iyke beauty collections are good products to start with.

For many women, lipstick is a vital component in a ladies make up bag, that’s why Iyke Organic Matte Liquid lipsticks, has been made to be smooth, radiant, non-sticky, long lasting and waterproof; make up essential!!! When you are looking for a good organic lip makeup to buy, you must make sure you are choosing a product that feels great and is also good for the planet.

Iyke Organic Matte Liquid lipstick comes in ten different and radiant colours, allowing you to choose your favourite colour. The lipstick colours suit all seasons and can be worn all year round, day and night.  You can choose to look fabulous while also doing your bit for the environment with Organic Beauty Collection from Heart & Soul Unbox.

Heart & Soul Unbox have taken time to make unique Organic products that touch the hearts and souls of customers, thereby putting similes on their faces when they unbox and use their organic products. They believe their products is for those who want to look naturally beautiful, be different and keep their voice. That’s their story.  

“Use your smile to change the world but don’t let the world change your simile!”

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