About Us


Heart & Soul Unbox is a British brand for beauty, Jewellery and lifestyle products. We make elegant and exclusive products and our passion for detail lies at the heart and soul of our business. We present our customers with gorgeous, unique, and sophisticated products for all occasions. Elegant and sustainable items for you, influenced by our environment and designed to delight. After many years of working in NHS Mental Health Services, Vivien and David started, Heart & Soul Unbox Ltd, in 2019. We believe that "Confidence is the best accessory. And when you are confident your self-esteem increases and so too does your mental well-being. For us makeup, hair, jewellery and accessories have always played a key role as part of a balanced, holistic approach to confidence and mental health. We've seen the transformative power of the right beauty products at the right time. This has inspired us in setting up our own business to make Organic, Natural, Vegan beauty products, with Fashion Jewellery and Lifestyle Products.  


Vivien, holds a degree in Banking and Finance, she is a mum and a professional baker. My background in Mental Healthcare helped me to venture into health and beauty product. Having seen how most women developed low self-esteem and self-harm, due to issues around body image. This motivated me to research on how to help in building their confidence back. Beauty comes from within then shines through your skin. A healthy lifestyle is a key factor to our mental well-being. It was in our quest of finding solutions to this that Heart & Soul Unbox Ltd was birthed.


David, holds degrees in Business and Healthcare. I love God, nature, paintings, music, photography, and artwork. My passion and commitment to quality of care and improving the lives of others lead us to starting our own beauty, health and lifestyle brands. My experience working in Mental Health, shows that our mental health and appearance are inextricably, intertwined. “In an increasingly virtual and filtered world where so much is now posted on social media, it’s no surprise that there is an increased pressure on women and men for perfection” {Bethan Cole} Looking good and feeling good has a way of putting a smile on anyone’s face, that’s why we are developing products that takes care of the heart, soul, body and mind.


                                                  Our Mission

To create authentic Organic, Natural and elegant Vegan products that touches the Heart and Soul of people, thereby Unboxing a new style of inspired products.

We aim to help people of all skin type in removing toxin from their daily routine. Our beauty and natural health Vitamin products will help boost confidence and self-esteem, cardiovascular health, restores skin elasticity, rejuvenates skin, healthy aging, support immune system, Aids brain function, and support healthy metabolism.


                                                     Our Aim

Heart & Soul Unbox Ltd is a British brand for beauty, health, Jewellery and Lifestyle products. We aim to make affordable, organic, natural and elegant products. Our strict regards to detail, lies at the heart and soul of our business. We strive to present our customers with the most gorgeous, unique, and sophisticated products, that can be used for variety of occasions. Based on our desire to make the finest beauty, fashion jewelleries and lifestyle products, we are aiming to creating elegant products influenced by our environment and the interests of our modern generation.


                          Value and Stand Against Animal Testing

At Heart & Soul Unbox, our core value is working with the best manufacturers in Beauty, Health, Fashion Jewellery and Lifestyle products. Our value and goal are to deliver cosmetic products that meets the needs of our customers without compromising on our commitment to animal welfare. We pledge to be cruelty free, we do not conduct, commission, or a party to Animal Testing of any cosmetic ingredient, raw material, formulation of finished cosmetic product

Our customer services reflect the premium quality of our products. They aim to provide our customers with the highest degree of service, by providing well-informed advice, answering their queries and exceed their expectations in every aspect.