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IYKE Push Bubble Fidget Pop It Watch Band Toy. ~ Free Shipping


IYKE Push Bubble Fidget Sensory and Educational Pop It Watch Band Toy.

Our fun carry around pop it watch bands comes in six colours. Suitable for children and adults, it can relieve the pressure of work and study. The hand strap size is moderate, styles are diverse, they have good texture and made with silicone material.

Autism Special Needs Stress Reliever Anxiety Relief Toys, For Children and Adult.

When you touch a fidget toy, your fingers can't stop pushing, poking, and popping! It is great for kids and adults, a simple and clever logic game. It makes satisfying popping sounds when pushed, improves your logical and strategic thinking skills while playing. All you can think of is how awesome this push pop fidget toy is and can’t help but keep popping! Will help you focus during work hours, while studying. It helps in releasing stress and have a calming effect.

Usage: Press down the bubbles, one by one inline or in a random manner and you hear a calming sound, flip over to continue. Fidget popping toys helps to release your stress, anxiety and can help builds emotional stability. The fidget toys “pop it” can be used as gifts, for games, as a fly pan for your pets and for therapeutic purposes. These sensory toys are helpful for those with autism, they are made of viable and long-lasting silicone material which is non-toxic. Fidget Sensory Toys can be used in a Garden, Plane, Hotel office and even in the swimming pool because they are waterproof.

Customer Support: Customer Satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not satisfied with our fidget toys, contact us via phone and email.

Free Shipping to all UK address

Size: 44MM X 254MM



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