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SILICONE TOILET BRUSH; Eco-Friendly, Flexible and Efficient


Our silicone toilet brush showcases an amazing character, with a unique shape that ensures optimal efficiency when it comes to cleaning dirty toilet bowls. It is Eco-friendly and long lasting; It features a flexible head that can reach all areas and is an anti-clog and anti-drip bristles. It is designed to reach areas that are hard to reach, cleans under the rim, is hard to wear out and change shape. It is easier to hold, the drip tray allow water to quickly evaporate, and its lightweight handle make cleaning easier and more enjoyable !


 Silicone Toilet Brushes are more hygienic and can reach all areas of the toilet basin to ensure a thorough clean.

The silicone rubber brush head provides deep cleaning, won't break down easily, won't change shape and won't damage your toilet surface like conventional brushes can.

It comes in four colour; Light Blue, White, Army Green and Pink.

Free Postage to UK address only. 

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